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    Welcome to a new challenge! For these next 28 days, I am going to ask you to step out of your comfort zone along this journey.  For many of you, I’m going to ask you to lift weights that you have never tried before.  That also means, I’m going to ask you to trust me as your trainer.  The purpose of the Harari 28 workout is to lean and tone your body.  This is NOT a mass-building workout!  We are going to do many reps, keep the heart rate elevated, and burn a significant amount of calories each day, which is not conducive to building mass.

    These next 28 days are going to be intense.  Do not be intimated by the workout.  Find motivation in your goals.  Find inspiration in learning how strong you actually are.  Take this opportunity to find out what your body can really do, especially when lifting weights.  You may find that you can chest press 15, 20, 25-pound dumbbells…do it!  Don’t shy away from progress, and NEVER ANTICIPATE FAILURE!  If you can do 10 reps at 12.5 pounds, then you CAN lift 15 pounds.  You just have to make the positive choice to see it as a new challenge.  Challenge yourself to reach a new level each day, and you will see your body respond in a way you never thought possible.  Let your body teach your brain what it can do.

    You are now armed with all you need to begin the journey.  You have a trainer.  You have the rules to the game.  You have your nutrition plan.  And, on the following pages, you have your roadmap.  Follow it.  Do not be afraid to step-up your weights and challenge your body to do something it has never done before.  When you do, you will attain results like you have never seen before.


    I am asking you for 28 days of your life.  That time will pass no matter what you do.  I challenge you to commit to the journey.  Don’t look back in 28 days and wish you would have done it.  Now is your time.  Go to the grocery store and get your food.  If you need a workout partner to keep you focused and committed, pick up your phone and make the call.  Visualize yourself 28 days from now.  A leaner, stronger, better version of the amazing person you already are.  Decide what you want, then go and get it.

    So much of what we do is about attitude.  Never forget that you have the opportunity to make each day everything you want it to be.  Live every day with passion, and make each day your personal “best day ever”!

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