15 Home Workouts from the Fittest Trainers We Know

15 Home Workouts from the Fittest Trainers We Know

15 Home Workouts from the Fittest Trainers We Know
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You’re traveling. You had a bad day at work. You’re beyond busy. It’s snowing outside. While these might sound like perfectly good reasons to take a rest day, leave it to trainers to find a way to push through. And deep down, you know you’ll be missing out on those health-boosting, feel-good vibes, too.

Their foolproof solution: working out right at home. And we found 15 trainers who’ll show you just how easy — and fun — it is to do it. From 20-minute HIIT workouts to 10-minute ab circuits, here are some of the best home workout ideas from the top fitness pros.

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The 15 Best Home Workouts from Top Trainers


1. Kaisa Keranen

Certified trainer and movement coach
No dumbbells? No problem. Here, the Seattle-based sports performance coach shows us how to take your at-home workout to boiling temps with, yup, a cooking pot. From single-leg deadlifts to pistol squats to Russian twists, you’ll fire up your glutes, core, shoulders and arms. Hey, they don’t say six-packs are made in the kitchen for no reason. 


2. Alex Silver-Fagan

Trainer and author of Get Strong for Women: Lift Heavy, Train Hard, See Results
Silver-Fagan might be best known for her gritty barbell workouts, but in this at-home flow, we see a softer side to the certified yogi. On your recovery days, get your om on and stretch things out with warrior III, eagle and dancer.

3. Adam Rosante

Trainer and founder of the People’s Bootcamp
Cold temps keeping your workouts indoors? It’s no excuse to take a snow day, according to Rosante. Complete with burpees, froggers and spiderman planks, consider this your winter bodyweight burner.

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4. Kira Stokes

Celebrity trainer and creator of the Stoked Method
Want to squeeze in a workout while your slow cooker works its magic? “Your kitchen can transform into a gym,” Stokes says. Using the edge of a counter as a “barre,” Stokes shows Fuller House star Candace Bure how to do knee pulses and tricep push-ups. For bicep curls and shoulder presses, get creative and hold onto something heavy, like bottles of wine (no sips between sets, please!).

5. Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer
No ab muscle goes untouched in this total-ab circuit. From your obliques (spider planks) to your low abs (pike planks), follow Pasternak’s lead to ignite every inch of your core.

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6. BJ Gaddour

Founder of TheDailyBJ.com and Bodyweight Burners trainer
Gaddour loves to maximize time and space at home with compound exercises. In this dumbbell workout, Gaddour combines step-ups with squats and bent-over rows with bicep curls and shoulder presses. Now, what to do with all that extra time on your hands?

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7. Sean Garner

Functional strength coach
Resistance bands may look pretty basic, but they’re one of the most powerful pieces of exercise equipment. Garner gets his kids in on band action with front raises, glute bridges and overhead presses. Just beware of the slingshot effect…

8. Anja Garcia

Daily Burn Undefeated trainer
Beach weather might feel like a lifetime ago, but Garcia’s bikini workout reminds us of good things to come! Get summer strong with this LA-based trainer’s decline push-ups, sumo squat jumps, hollow holds and more.

9. Joe Wicks 

Personal trainer and founder of The Body Coach
The #Leanin15 trainer is best known for his quick and healthy dishes, but this ab circuit will have you cookin’ a six pack. Oblique crunches and side plank reach-throughs will keep your sides in check, while the ab roll-up will tighten your deep abdominis.

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THANK YOU for all of the love today at @dailyburn – that kickboxing class was fuuuun! ***** Did you know that we create all of our own workouts for #DB365? I’ve lost track of how many I’ve created over the past 2+ years but it’s well over 100 now, and I know I don’t just speak for myself when I tell you ALL of the trainers work so hard to keep things interesting for you guys by switching up format, moves, and choreography. ***** Music was my inspiration for today’s routine. This fun Rick Ross/Skrillex mix (“Hustlin v Purple Lamborghini”) made me want to stay low to the ground and kick ass. And today, even though we didn’t use the original tune, that’s what you guys did! I’m LOVING your videos. Keep tagging me please so I can cheer you on! ***** I took this video yesterday so I could show it to the amazing team at DB and try to get the same feeling in the music we used on the show today. I thought they did a great job (shoutout to @thenick ). I’m sharing it with you now for a few reasons: 1. Because this song kicks ass AND made the workout feel really different to me, which helped me keep it fresh for you 2. To show you that you don’t need a fancy studio to make stuff up (I’m in my living room here) 3. To emphasize to my fitness instructor hopefuls out there that practice is important, and a little planning goes a long way in the final product. ***** What are you major sources of creative inspiration- music? A particular book or passage? Fashion? Comment below so we can inspire each other! ***** Tights by @Terez 👖sweatshirt by @unlockhope 👚

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10. Erika Shannon

Daily Burn 365 trainer
If you’re new to kickboxing, Shannon’s at-home workout is sure to get you hooked. The Power Cardio trainer begins this routine with jab-cross combos to work her arms, and then introduces squat crosses to strengthen her glutes. For an extra cardio push, she adds in jumping jacks and kicks between sets.

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11. Melissa Wood

Yoga and Pilates certified trainer
If you follow Woods on Instagram, you know that the yogi is all about mat work. But in this creative “treadmill” workout, Woods uses the cardio machine to do booty-shaping leg lifts and classic barre moves instead. Don’t have a treadmill at home? Use the back of a chair or the edge of your kitchen counter to help prop you up.

12. Peter Kraus & Bec Donlan

Founder of Peter Kraus Fitness Bootcamps; Booty Bands trainer at Project by Equinox
Bachelorette alum Kraus pairs up with Aussie fitness star Donlan to tag team this booty band workout you can do at home. From squat touchdowns to reverse lunges to deadlifts, you’ll work your entire lower body and posterior. But no resistance band workout is complete without a core finisher. Standing side crunches help sculpt your obliques and target love handles.

13. Jess Glazer

Lead trainer at NYSC RedZone and founder of FITtrips
You don’t have to be at the gym to HIIT it hard — your hotel room will do! In this metabolism-boosting workout, Glazer shows us how to do explosive box jumps, plank to pikes and split squats — without leaving the couch.

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14. Melissa Paris

Founder of BYOBFit
A baby bump isn’t stopping Paris from whipping her core into shape. The kettlebell is one of the most challenging pieces of fitness equipment because its center is loaded. Her kettlebell workout takes you through alternating swings and strict presses, so you recruit your glutes as well as your ab muscles for stability and strength.

15. Gregg Cook

Daily Burn 365 trainer
Cook knows how to double down on time with his daughter: partner push-ups. Except his partner in crime gets coaching duties while dad does all the work! Ten reps later is a tired, but fit papa — and one amused child.

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